Lapin Mage raised by elves.


Lapin Mage
4’3" Tall
97 lbs
White fur
Short light brown Hair
Carries a Gold Staff with a Jade stone as the Elemental piece.
Darker brown loose sleeve top.
Black belt with Jade stone in the center as the elemental stone.
Dark brown skirt with green accents.
Wears a red headband.
Carries her mothers Grimoire. Mid gray tone book with red accents.


Her parents killed while hunting Brocknok, an infamous Cyclopes wanted for Murder of a royal guard, Christalia was raised by her elven Godparents Leafania and Azules in the elven city of Harmonia. She was named after her bright blue eyes that shine like crystals. She grew up learning the healing magic of the elves and the combat style of the lapin village she originated from. Although shy she would never turn down from a fight to prove herself. She hates anyone who is sexist and will immediately challenge them to show them what she can do. Always carrying her mothers grimoire Shallence, her magic knows no bounds… except for those on the book that is. She has yet to figure out how to unlock next level spells in her book, but between her current magic level and physical ability, she can still hold her own. As her magic level and wisdom rises Shallence reveals new abilities and spells for her to learn over time. although he doesn’t communicate directly, Christalia can feel Shallence’s soul and understand its feelings. She is always looking for an adventure and always volunteers to go to market or to hunt with the elder elves. She has had much practice bartering and hunting, but other than this she doesn’t know much of the big cities. Wherever she goes she asks anyone she can about the whereabouts of Brocknok, but whenever she speaks his name people go silent. With her adventurous outlook on life and her yearning for revenge she is always looking for a reason to escape Harmonia and venture into the blanklands and the big cities. Perhaps a group of adventurers can make her wishes come true and take her away.


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